پلی استیشن 4

خرید بازی ps4 در فروشگاه اینترنتی گیم استور با بهترین قیمت و کیقیت را با فروشگاه گیم استور مرکز فروش بازی ps4 و خرید بازی ps4  ارزان و دست دوم پلی‌استیشن ۴ (به انگلیسی: PlayStation 4) (به‌طور مختصر پی‌اس۴ [PS4]) نام یک کنسول بازی ویدئویی خانگی از نسل هشتم است که از سوی شرکت سونی اینتراکتیو انترتینمنت عرضه شده‌است. این کنسول نخستین بار در ۲۰ فوریه ۲۰۱۳ در یک کنفرانس اختصاصی از سوی سونی که در شهر نیویورک برگزار شده بود معرفی شد. در این کنفرانس خود کنسول نمایش داده نشد و تنها از دستهٔ جدید دوال‌شاک ۴ و پلی‌استیشن آی جدید رونمایی شد.[۴] این کنسول در تاریخ ۱۵ نوامبر ۲۰۱۳ در آمریکای شمالی و در ۲۹ نوامبر ۲۰۱۳ در اروپا و استرالیا عرضه شده‌است،[۵] و در نسل هشتم کنسول‌های بازی ویدئویی با نینتندو سوئیچ مایکروسافت اکس‌باکس وان به رقابت می‌پردازد. در طول کنفرانس اختصاصی معرفی این کنسول، سونی از دسته جدید دوال‌شاک ۴ و در ای۳ ۲۰۱۳ از نسل بعد دوربین پلی‌استیشن به‌طور انحصاری برای این کنسول پرده برداری کرد. ویژگی‌های اضافه شده به کنترلر دول‌شاک ۴، لایت بار (Light bar) جلوی دسته،…

iran tourism in kashan (historical house)

boroojerdi historical house-kashan

iran tourism, his house is located in sultan emir ahmad district of kashan. on allavi street. it was constructed by hajj seyyedhassannatanzi, a businesman in approximately 1275 L. H. (1858 A. D.), during the Qajar dynasty. since the owner of this manor imported goods from boroojerd,. the architect of this mansion was one of the most skillful, popular architects of kashan named ostad ali maryam. this 3000m2 estad consists ofan outer and inner section. the water and oil paintings of this building were designed and implemented under the supervision of a great iranian painter from the Qagar period. mirza mohammad khan Qafari kashani, known as; (kamalalmolk). this house consists of an outer and inner part. the en-trance of house includes transom and front yard decorated with plaster work, several back to back heteromorphy spaces and hallway that connected to the main yard. the louvers provided the light in the hallway. the various ar-chitectural spaces hav…

iran tourism in kashan (village)


The process of extracting rose water

iran tourism, the best rose water has been made in Qamsar. Qamsar is at the distance of 36 km from kashan. altough Qamsar is a small town, it is more famous then some big cities in iran. the process of extacting rose water is done in qamsar in the middle of the spring to the beginning of summer. rose water in qamsar is well know in the world, and kabba has been washed with qamsar rose rose water every year. there are several big workshops in qamsar and kashan to extract essence that export into other countries such as Italy and France to make attar. Niasar-old iranian garden town

Niasar at the distance of 35 km from northwest of kashan, in kashan mountains. ardeshir i was the niasar founder. this historical city is famous in the world because of voluble historic attraction such as chartagi, eskandareeye spring, (one of the oldest spring in iran that is 1680 m above the sea level), talar garden (built in safaviddynasty) and niasar cave (from …

iran tourism and all you need to know about iran

about visairan tourism, you should be informed about your visa condition based on your different nationality. the visa process of iran contrary to the common option is not hard at all, you should just study its points carefully. general informationdocuments: the required documents are all the same for different nationalities, but most importantly you need to make your request through a valid travel agency. having a passport with at last 6 months validity since the arrival date or starting time of your travel is necessary. you need to upload a colored scan of main passport pages in PDF/JPEG format, the passport codes at the bottom of the passport page must be clear. visa application form: the form is available on the agency’s website which should be filled out based on your personal information. please also be careful to write the spelling of your name correctly.if you have had a trip to iran before, you should note its exact date. your full name, passport number, expiration date and n…